Elea-Maria AbiSamra (3)

Elea-Maria in her car seat... first Sunday...

Elea-Maria & Aunt Emaline Bolden who came all the way from Akron, Ohio, to see her.

Elea, Cynthia, & Madelene

Aunt Emaline, Elea, Marcel, & Cynthia

Aunt Emaline, Elea, Nada, & Marcel

Aunt Emaline, Elea, Madelene, Nada, & Marcel

Aunt Emaline, Elea, Nada, Antoinette & Madelene
August 21, 2002

1 week away: Aug. 5, 02
1 day away: Aug. 11, 02
2 weeks after delivery: August 25, 2002

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Elea-Maria Leaving Montgomery...
Poem for Elea
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Photos taken ONE day before delivery...
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